PAshupati in preparing for ShivaratriPAshupati in preparing for Shivaratri

As the Night of Lord Shiva (Maha Shivaratri) comes near, the Pashupatinath area has started receiving Sadhus (religious ascetics) from various parts of the world, especially from India and Nepal. Formally The Sadhus are entering to Pashupati area today. Shivaratri is witnessed by thousands of pilgrimages, and hundreds of Sadhus stay in the PAashupati area for a month.

Shivaratri also known as Maha Shivrtri or the night of lord Shiva is one of the biggest festivals in Hinduism. Normally occurring between March and April, this year we are witnessing Shivaratri on 8th March.

“Maha Shivaratri, celebrated annually in reverence to Lord Shiva, marks a time of spiritual awakening and renewal. Devotees observe fasting, perform rituals, and chant mantras to honor the destroyer of evil. Let us immerse ourselves in devotion, seeking the blessings of Shiva, and finding inner peace and enlightenment on this auspicious day.”

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